Lindsey’s Choice

The loud sounds of the sirens of an ambulance filled the peaceful afternoon of Evergreen City. Well, it “was” supposed to be peaceful, but unfortunately it turned out to be a tragic day no one would ever forget. It was an unforgettable day, especially for the Dawson’s and the Evergreen high school girls’ soccer team. 

It was the beginning of September; Lindsey Dawson was a couple of days away from her 18th birthday until she was found lying in her bed unconscious. Her parents say that her pale yet soft and sweet face was smiling. Lindsey had tried her best and she was at the limit of her vitality. Everyone knew that this day was coming soon, but who would’ve thought it would be this soon…?  A night before Lindsey was laughing her head off with her friends and there was no sign of pain in her at all! It was just too hard to accept her death, but everyone knew Lindsey has faced enough for the past 3 months and tried really hard, so there was no more need for her to suffer. Mrs. Dawson did cry, but she was able to let out a smile and say, “You’re free now, Lindsey. Have fun.”

Every person has a completely different life and experiences different things and we call this an ordinary life. Many people have the same experiences in life but in many different ways. Lindsey was also an ordinary girl living an ordinary life experiencing ordinary things. She’s was an 8th grader at Evergreen Junior High School and played soccer there. She had many friends and a warm family and had the perfect life that she was really enjoying. Everyday she would wake up at 6am, get ready for school, watch the news and leave the house for the school bus. After school ended, she would quickly change into her soccer uniform and go straight to the field where all the other girls who were her teammates were getting ready for practice. Before that they would fool around, talk and have fun, but as soon as practice time started they all become serious and practiced real hard. All the girls in the team were there not there to have fun, but to play real soccer because they really loved it. It’s great, isn’t it? Spending your teenage life spending a hard time doing something you love! Well, Lindsey was one of those people and also one of the best players in the team. She was their ace. The way she played soccer was so extraordinary that even the guys’ soccer team wanted her on their team. Lindsey wasn’t the type of girl who practiced real hard to get those amazing skills; she just had them in her. It was like she was born to be active.

One afternoon the girls were out on the field getting ready for practice as always and started their warm ups. Of course nobody thought that this day was going to turn out to be the start of a nightmare. When Lindsey was dribbling the ball getting ready to shoot, she felt a sudden ache in her head and felt really dizzy. She couldn’t stand properly. She thought it was because of the heat, so she didn’t really care about it and went on with practice. However, her headaches and dizziness didn’t seem to go away for a while, and her health condition just kept on getting worse each day until she wasn’t able to get out of bed. Lindsey’s parents worried about her since she’d never even gotten a fever before, so they took Lindsey to a big hospital for an examination. That day, theDawson’s were told that Lindsey didn’t have much time left. They had found out that she had Leukemia, and it was way too late to do anything. I wonder how shocking it must’ve been for Mr. and Mrs. Dawson who loved their daughter more than anything, but it must’ve been even harder for Lindsey to accept this sudden news. Lindsey didn’t cry though; it just seemed as if she knew what was happening inside her body. Lindsey was strong and she didn’t care that she was about to die. She didn’t care at all, but everyone else did. It was just too sad. Everyone wished it was just a dream and they could get Lindsey back.  But there’s no way reality could be so easy to face. No matter how tiring it was and how weary Lindsey was, she stayed stronger than ever and always kept a bright smile on her face which actually made her look powerful, it even made people forget about her illness. Well, her smile was just wondrous. Lindsey never missed school or soccer practices and did her best to spend the time she had left doing what she wanted, staying with the people she wanted to be with and just having a lot of fun. Her parents wanted her to live an inactive life to save power, but they couldn’t say no to her. All they wanted was for their daughter to be happy and live the rest of her life at the fullest.

Even though she has already passed away, Lindsey Dawson is now known by everyone in the city, for her courage and for the beautiful smile everyone loved. In this story Lindsey chose to spend the rest of her life doing the things she used to do and have a normal life, but it may be different for others. Some people might stay in bed and live a bit longer, some people might go on holiday and visit places they’ve always wanted to go, I think there are many options and everyone’s option are different. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were in this situation?

All Lindsey wanted to say throughout this story is to never regret anything that happens in your life and accept it. I guess this is why she was able to smile the whole time and even leave a smile on her face when she died. The smile meant that she was ready to die and wouldn’t regret it. She taught the people around her and the people of Evergreen City an important life lesson, and even today the message that Lindsey Dawson left is still famous so that’s why the people of that city are always cheerful and since her death the city has become an even more peaceful but smiling city.

“Smile” is a word that could help everyone when they’re at their toughest times.

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