The Reflection

     In  the old,  deserted town there lived an old aged woman and her cat. Her clothes were too filthy to imagine, like a piece of cloth wrapped around her body. She wore nothing on her feet and her hair had gotten as long as it wanted. She didn’t know to dress up or to be fashionable, though she had been thinking that she dresses normally. She had thousand of wrinkles on her worn out face and she was completely out of vitality. She was the only human who lived there, and as for the cat he was friends with other alley cats which were left by non-sense owners. The old lady lived in an old, ragged shack which was left by the former resident, and it had no light, no water, no gas and of course no electricity. It was an unbelievable condition for humans to live. Although she was very satisfy with the environment she lived and being alone in the deserted place. She had been attempting to avoid people. She had a secret she had never told anyone. She was allergic to humans. When she was 6 years old, she became a target of a bully and since that she became scared of meeting people. She never talked about her sadness and stress even to her family or to her close friends. Whenever she saw a human, she got fears and that became her stress, finally she started to avoid communication even with her family. She isolated herself from her friends, neighbors and even from her family. She was a solitary kid who never knew someone’s love and finally she had determined to run away. Who would know she had run away while leaving her in the isolated room? She was only ten years old at that time. That is when she met this town and the cat. The cat was covered with trash and he was barely alive. She took care of him and he had a narrow escape from death. That was the first time she learned to give someone love. There was another mystery to the old lady. She had no name. Well, she used to have one although she had forgotten as the time passed by on her own, alone. It did not really matter even if she didn’t know her name, however it made her feel more like being shut in dark. 

     On  a sunny morning, she woke up and left the ragged shack and approached the river that flowed through the town. It was clear and pure, though this was not evenly balanced with the old town like rubbish. She scooped up the water and washed her face as she drunk a bit of it to moist her throat. She opened her eyes then looked into the water. “AHHH!!” she shouted in the next moment. Guess what she saw; the reflection of a young girl who was standing on the other side of the river. “What the heck you doing here, you little kid!!” she shrieked covering her eyes tightly. “Go away. This is not a place for you to stay. I’m….I’m….umm…allergic to…human!! ” She was not trying to be mean or wanted to hurt her feelings but she was surprised at how the girl was standing in front of her carelessly in this old, destructed, deserted rubbish place.

“So, you are allergic to humans? That’s interesting.” She smiled at the lady.

“Hey, don’t look down on me. You’re just a little kid. You would never understand how serious it is.” She looked down into the ground, trying to ignore the existence of the girl.

“You know, humans allergy can be recovered from. But I won’t tell you how if don’t you open your mind.” She stared at the old lady who was still in squatting position.

“What?” the lady spoke, “You know how to do that? Tell me please. Please do tell me.”

“Love. That is the key. People with less love tend to get that symptom. Also, contact people is important as well as telling them your worries. That is what your friends, neighbors and family are for. So, don’t just stay here and be more outgoing. You don’t want to finish your life alone, do you?” she advised the lady.

“I can, though…?” she said shyly.

“I will be your strength. Start with another new beginning. Sounds good?” the girl said pulling her arm.

Then the lady’s expression changed. She was looking forward and it seemed like she determined to shut her black living days and stepped out from the darkness into the light. Her life had just started.

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