Mail Delivery Fairy

Riley kept looking at the clear blue sky that spread forever in the space above her. She was just now thinking about how she could become more successful in the new job she started three months ago. Riley held up her right arm and tried to reach for the sky but she knew she couldn’t reach it because she didn’t have wings like her other friends who also work as a mail delivery fairy. She lives in a world where only fairies live, and it is very peaceful there. The houses that are shaped like mushrooms Continue reading

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             2041- I’m now 25 years old and working as a pilot.  I dreamed of being a pilot someday, and right now I happen to be  one of the pilots in ANA.  But it has been a long way till this job.  There were people who were trying to keep me from being a pilot and made my life 100 times more complex, and people who supported me so much that made my life a bit better.  I know.  Many people have gone through a rough ways as they get old.  But now I am pretty sure that I have had the most rough, dramatic, and fantasy life ever in this life.  But this story is secret.  If you can keep this secret, you may go and read along Continue reading

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The Move

I was handed a pink meishi that was embroidered with pretty flowers. The printed letters were small and hard to read, but they were enough to make out an address. If you just look at the meishi itself, you would think that the person handing it to you was  a cute girl. But it isn’t. Instead, it’s my friend Mizoguchi. Continue reading

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Amy’s Real Match

“Hey wait!” shouted Amy.

The bus had already left her and drove away without noticing her.

“Oh man! How am I going to get to tennis court since I have an important tennis tournament today!” she sighed out loud.

Today on the 24th April, there is tennis tournament and Amy who made it through to the championship match. But making a mistake Continue reading

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Goldfish from the Festival

When we lived in foreign countries, we used to come back to Japan every summer. Summer was my favorite season. I was always waiting for it to come. In Japan, my grandparents would always take me everywhere and my cousins always came over, and we played some games together.

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A Friendship Made by a Grasshopper

        “Stop doing that,” I said to him. He didn’t stop dusting sands at the grasshopper. “Hey, I just told you! Stop doing that!” He didn’t even look at me. So I kicked him. That was the first contact with him.

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Our All-star Team (Defense)



  1. Clay Matthews

He is an athlete that can do a lot of positions. In his team he plays outside Linebacker but plays like a defense lineman too. He has the power to tackle the running back so hard that he makes them fumble the ball. This guy was a superman this year.

  1. Ray Lewis

Veteran Ray Lewis is a great player he is very strong which stops all the inside runs and the middle zone passes. Any team would hate to have this guy on the opponent team. Not just his plays, Continue reading

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