Maddie’s Great Adventure

 On one cold and cloudy day, there was a girl walking home from school. Her name was Maddie. She is a bit different from most 7 year olds you see. The thing that makes her a bit unusual than other girls is that she is strongly interested in frogs. She is so interested that she always reads a book about frogs on her way back from school.

 Maddie’s house is so far that, to reach her house from school, you have to use the shortcut through the woods or it will probably take more than an hour to get to her there. So, on her way back to her house from school, she always has to go through the dark and spooky woods.

 Suddenly the sky got very dark as if it were about to rain. However, she didn’t realize it because she was so into her book. When she was walking, suddenly, “Baaaaaaaam!” a big sound echoed through the woods and before she knew it she was hit by lightning and Maddie lost consciousness.

 After about an hour had passed, Maddie suddenly got up and realized that everything around her had changed. The height, the scenery, everything had just changed. When she looked at her body, she realized that there was a big leaf on the ground. But when she thought it over, she thought, “No, it’s not the leaf that’s big! It’s me that’s small!!” After thinking so, she took a look at herself and was terrified at what she saw. She had moist green skin, and the skin between her fingers were connected! Yes, she was a frog! Suddenly “Maddie the frog” started to panic, and the first thing that she thought of was to go back home and tell her mother what was going on.

 She started heading towards her house. However, there was a big problem. She didn’t know which way to go because she was so small. She decided to hop onto a small bush. After getting onto the bush, she tried to look for things that could lead her to her house but everything was too big to see. Just when she was losing hope, the huge sound of a dog barking came into her ears and just before she knew it, something brown and fluffy blocked her sight. What was it? She immediately noticed that it was her dog, Charlie! He was on a walk with her mother. She thought, “Thank god it’s Charlie! I’ll just hop onto him and he will take me back home! When I safely reach home, I will somehow tell my mother.”

So just as Charlie was about to walk past her, she quickly hopped onto him and held tight with her legs and arms. There were many times that she was about to fall off but, she managed to stay on him. Soon, they reached to their front yard of their house. She was so relieved to reach her house, but that was just for a moment. Just as she was about to get off of Charlie, the cat from next door came to her front yard as usual. Like most dogs, Charlie hated cats, so as soon as he saw the cat, he started to chase it! Maddie immediately got thrown off. However, as soon as she got thrown off and reached the ground, the cat noticed her! Maddie thought, “This is not good! I have to run as fast as I can!” So, she decided to hop into the small pond in her yard. She hopped as fast as she could, but the cat was like wind to her because the length of the steps are so different! Maddie just hopped and hopped as fast as possible and soon the pond was only five inches away, but of course the cat was right behind her. She decided that this was the last chance or she will definitely be squished or eaten by the cat! She decided to take a great big jump and finally reached the pond! After her great and vigorous dive into the pond, the next second, she found herself in somewhere different again. However this time, she found herself in a place that was very familiar! She thought, “Where am I this time?” She looked around and found herself in her room and on her bed with the book about frogs on her face. She said to herself, “Was it a dream? That was a really weird dream! I think I had enough of frogs!” And she put the book back on her bookshelf and took out a new book.


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