My Dream

“Maddy wake up or you’ll be late for school!” I heard my mom screaming down stairs. I opened my eyes and got out of my bed. I walked to the mirror and washed my face. Again, I saw the strange dream. I’ve see this dream since I came to this town.

 My name is Maddy and I moved to this town called Cardiff about 2 years ago. I started to go to the high school near my house. In my dream there is always a strange man chasing me. I’m always crying and trying to hide from him. But I never could get away from him at the end he finally finds me he tries to kill me. But when he tries to kill me my dream always ends up there. I live here only with my mom. My dad ran away from us because we didn’t have money and he couldn’t feed us. So I haven’t seen my dad since I was 4 years old. I don’t remember my dad’s face at all. My mom had worked very hard for me. She never stopped working and she didn’t have any rest. We came to Cardiff because of my mom’s work.

 Today, I’ve seen this movie again. So I felt very bad. I didn’t want to go to school but I had to because the test was almost there. I got out of my house and went to the bus stop. It’s raining outside and I hate rainy day. When it rains I always remember the day when my dad left our house. That day was raining too. My mom was crying and screaming that she didn’t want to go but my dad punched my dad and left. There was much domestic violence in my family. I was the one who was always watching that. I always hated my dad. I’ll never forgive him. The rain started to be stronger. I ran to the bus stop and waited, thinking when the bus will come. The bus came and I got on the bus. The bus’s door opened and I went in. No one was on the bus except for the driver. The driver was a man. It was different from the driver that I always get on. “Good morning.” He said with a freaking face. “Good morning than the driver that I always get on. “Good morning.” He said with a freaking face. “Good morning.” I replied. The bus went off and started to move. But the bus went to a different route that we usually go. “Excuse me, the school is that way.” I said. But the driver just smiled and never returned. I got very scared and I screamed. Then the bus stopped and the door opened. I rushed out of the bus. But this place was somewhere I didn’t know. I really didn’t know but I’ve seen it before. “Where is this? Where did I see this place?” I said. Then the driver looked at me and said “It’s hide and seek tag Maddy.” He was smiling. I remembered. This man is the man who is always chasing me in the dream. And this place is the place that is always in the dream. I ran away from him immediately. I hid in a place were the house was. But he found me. He smiled, “There you are Maddy.” He tried to kill me.

 Suddenly I opened my eyes. It was a dream again. “Maybe I should go to the hospital,” thought Maddy .

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